Saturday, September 27, 2014

Faces of Faery 88: Second Post

Well, I've gone over the halfway point on Faces of Faery 88, however, I've only stitched 10 colors.  I kept taking pictures meaning to post and then just kept telling myself I'd post when I took the next picture.  I finally am posting.

This is where I hit 50%  More flesh tones.

Then I added one more color, and took a picture.  I decided to take the picture here since I was going to work on a drastically different color.

I added two blues and black.

I'm continuing to work on this mostly.  I've been playing with a few other things that I need to post about.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Faces of Faery 88
Original Artist: Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Pattern by: Heaven and Earth Designs
Started Stitching: October 4, 2013
Fabric: 28ct. White Evenweave
Floss: DMC 1 over 1
Percentage: 66.47% complete
Colors Stitched: 10 of 89 complete
Stitches: 20,474 out of 30,800 complete