Friday, May 15, 2015

Mermaids of the Deep Blue: First Post

This is one of those dreaded UFOs.  It is my one UFO that I want to finish more than anything.  Initially this project stitched up pretty quickly.  My biggest regret is that I started this before I started reading blogs and realized that you really don't have to follow the exact specifications listed on the design.  While I've seen other color variations on the stitching I would have still done the same colors on the mermaids.  However, I would have chosen a different color fabric, also I think something with texture would have looked better.  I don't dislike the way it looks, I just would have done it differently if I'd started it within the past 3-4 years, but I'm not changing it now.

Everything was going well, until I got to the beads.  I got a few done, but I hit a block.  But I'm determined now to get it done, dangit!

This is where it sat for the longest time, probably since 2009:

I knew one of the reasons for my lack of progress was that the beads were too large for 16 count.  At least they were in my opinion.  There were supposed to be long lines of beads, and I had to take one or two out because they didn't fit in the area they were supposed to, and that drives me nuts (I never said I wasn't strange).  After working on Ophelia I realized I really only had one option, start over.  But just on the beads.  So I took out all the beads I had stitched around the right mermaid's hands, on her hair and on her chest.

So, the Mill Hill seed beads are gone and will be replaced by Delicas.  Now, I have tons of Delicas from my beading, and sure enough I found some beads that I think are practically identical in color.  However, I am still using the Mill Hill pony beads and "treasure" beads (if only I can find the rest of them).

Here's how far I got last night (you can kind of see how much I took out):
Just a few, but enough to know I'm still not a huge fan of beading this way (give me my peyote stitch any day), but I'm happier with the way they fit and I know it'll look awesome.  There are over 2000 beads on this.  I just need to do a little a day and I'll get through it.

Pattern: Mermaids of the Deep Blue
Pattern by: Mirabilia
Started Stitching: April 7, 2008
Fabric: 32ct. Zweigart Amsterdam Blue Linen
Floss: DMC 2 over 2
Completed: All Cross Stitches & Backstitching, some Beading