Friday, January 29, 2016

Dragon Game: Third Post - Framed

Hi all, I know, I went dark again.  Between Christmas and my nephew's birthday, I had two cakes to make, one for his family birthday on Christmas Eve and the other with his friends last weekend, I've been rather busy.

But I have been stitching too.  I finished a piece for my sister that is in the process of being framed, I need to blog about that one.  I'm almost done with one for my mother, I just have to do back stitching, belch.  I did another challenge from the HAED FB page, so that was another start... oops. ;D

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to show Dragon Game framed, and here it is:
I'd forgotten to mention that I'd altered it very slightly.  On the left hand side there was a leash of sorts coming out from behind his wing.  Without it being attached to anything else it looked odd, so I left it out.

Now I'm going to work on a few more posts that I really need to do.  Framed pieces that have been framed for over a year, Items I've started and quite a few I also finished but was too interested in moving on to the next thing instead of posting... I'm such a bad blogger.  I'll catch up eventually.


  1. It looks great! Welcome back :)

  2. Dragon Game looks superb. Whoever chose the mounts and frames did a fantastic job. I hope you're really pleased with and proud of it. I shall look forward to seeing more of your starts and progress soon as I think your work is wonderful! :)

    1. This framing was actually 100% me. It was slowish at work (I am a framer at Michaels) and it was the last day of a sale, so I played around with it between the customers I did have. I'd loved the frame since it was added to our collection and this guy seemed perfect for it. I'm happy to hear when other people like my work. Thank you!