Monday, July 18, 2016

Welcome to the Jungle: Second Post - Framed

Alrighty.  It has been a while...  So I've been busy, I'm starting a new job tomorrow!  Yay!  So hopefully now I'll have more time for crafting and I'll be less tired.  Who knows, the new job might kill all my desire to craft... I really hope not.  My craft room will get lonely if I don't craft.

Moving on.  I have tons of framed items to share.  Today I'm going to share Welcome to the Jungle.  This was for my youngest nephew.  We framed it the same way we framed his brother's so that was really easy.

Here we go:

I was at my sister's house when I took this and my mother was there too, so they decided we should take a picture with Kellan next to his cross stitch.  We told him to sit by his picture...
 ... Apparently we should have been more specific.

So we told him to sit next to the picture.
Much better.

And of course the eldest didn't want to be left out so we took his off the wall and took a picture with him next to his.
My mother actually stitched this one, but I did frame it, so up on my blog it goes!

The boys are 2 ½ and 5 ½ in the pictures which were taken about a month ago.  They grow so fast!

I have a few things to blog about, I just don't want to stop working on things long enough to blog.  Also I'm starting to work off of my iPad instead of my laptop, so before I'd already have the laptop on and would just blog, now I need to turn on the laptop, and it's much easier to just continue stitching.  I'm going to work on another long overdue post.  I'll see you again soon!


  1. How sweet are those boys. I like your stitching and a nice frame. Alice Margaux.

  2. How cute! I love the one of him in front of the cross stitch lol! They remind me of my nephews. Good luck on the job! I know you've started by now so I hope it's going well. I post almost all of my blog posts from my phone. I use the blogger app it takes the photos right from the phone.