Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flowers and Beads

So this is my first post of an actual project, or two.

I forgot to mention in my original post that I have also started doing French Beaded Flowers.  I have quite a few and I'll post them as I find old photos to post, but for now I have my two most recent completions.

First off is a Moth Orchid that I made for my Sister's Mother-in-law:
The plant itself is made with Czech Seed Beads size 11/0, wire and floral tape.

The leaves are a transparent dark green, the petals are opaque pearl and the stamens are opaque yellow.  Everything's stuck into a piece of floral foam hidden by moss in a square glass vase.  I actually painted the bottom of the vase so that you couldn't see the floral foam in case you were so inclined to pick it up and take a look.  I hope I made it look enough like the moss I used, but I don't have a picture of that so you'll have to just imagine it.

Now, a trio of roses with a fern for my brother-in-law's grandmother.  Now, you may think it's odd of me to do this, and you may very well be correct, however, I found out that she also makes beaded flowers and we bonded over this.  However, she recently hurt her shoulder and isn't really able to do it much anymore, so I pulled this together:
Again, the plant is made with nothing more than Czech Seed Beads size 11/0, wire and floral tape.

The fern in the background is made with light green seed beads.  The leaves on the roses are medium green.  The roses are made of opaque white, opaque pink and transparent purple.  I found the vase at Michaels and thought it would work perfectly.  The bow is a sheer pink to lighter pink.  I learned to tie these bows while I was at Michales from the most talented woman in floral design I know, Gloria.  The vase is filled with floral-fil.  When it was almost at the top I used hot glue to kind of create a lid so they won't all fall out if it gets tiped and provided more stability for the heavy flowers.  Then more floral-fil on top of that and we're done!

There's more to come so stay tuned while I show you the stuff I've done in the past mixed in with stuff I'm currently working on.


  1. Wow these are really pretty. Can I request some close ups? I'm kinda curious and while there's some detail in these pictures more detail would be so awesome. *stares hopefully*

    1. Blu, I don't have any close ups of these two flowers, but I do have some from other items I've made. I'll scrounge them up and get them posted. I'll get something up in a few days to a week.