Saturday, March 24, 2012

Storykeep - Magical Arrival: The First Post

This is one of my unfinished projects.

The chart was made by Heaven and Earth Designs, also known as HAED.  The image was made by Anne Stokes and is called Magical Arrival.  The chart I chose was the "storykeep" version, which is a thin and long version usually for creating bookmarks, or storykeeps, as HAED calls them.  The image to the right is an image of the actual artwork by Anne Stokes.

HAED recommends that their charts be stitched 25ct. Lugana or Dublin linen.  I did not want to keep this cute little guy in a book so I decided to stitch him on 18ct.  He will end up being about 4" x 17.5".

The normal information that stitchers like to see is fabric & floss used, number of threads used.  I'm using 18ct, Aida with DMC 2 over 1.

To the left is after completing one color and on the right is after completing two colors, both dark browns.

I added one more color, a very dark green, located on the left.  I was house sitting and since this is a small project I decided to take it and a few colors with me.  I thought it would last me all weekend, but since I'm writing this halfway through Saturday, that obviously didn't work out.  On the right is where I'm at right now.  I ran out and bought some more thread from JoAnn's so I'm back in business.  I'll update again once after the weekend's over, or sooner, depending on how much I get done.

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