Friday, July 6, 2012

Completed Project Add: Cross Stitch - African Lions

If you were looking for updates on actual projects, sorry to disappoint, but I'm building up my finished items page.

I started this project after my freshman year of college.  I obviously didn't work on it very consistently, but I do love the way it turned out.  I don't have an exact end date on it, the only reason I knew the year I finished it was from my "signature" on it.
Pattern: African Lions
Pattern by: Dimensions
Started Stitching: June 1998
Finished Stitching: 2002
Fabric: 18ct. Ivory Aida

I think this was the first kit I ever got that was 18 count.  This is a Dimensions Golden Collection Chart.  The detail is just amazing.  I really like how they incorporate half stitches with the full stitches to create a sense of depth.  I probably have a dozen or so other Golden Collection charts, some are large, and quite a few are 5x7.  I'm am currently working on one of the 5x7s.

I am wishing that I had used the thicker version of this frame, but I framed this before I knew anything about framing.

Anyway, enjoy!

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