Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Darth Vader Cookies: Sixth Post - Framed

Michael's had their 50% off one, and 60% off two or more framing sale the week of 6/3/12, so I gathered up my finished Darth Vader, and two other things I wanted framed and took my sister and mother, with nephew and father in tow.

I have to tell you, the first time I saw the main mat I chose I made fun of it thinking, When would you ever use something like that?  Well... now's the time and here it is:

Obviously my light source is to the left, also known as the Sun.  The main mat is black linen with silver sparkles in it.  I think it makes it look like outer space filled with shining stars.  But it needed more than just the one mat.  First we started off with a red to try to bring out the light saber, but it just didn't look right.  So between myself, my sister, mother and the employee, Calvin, we came up with the dark gray mat.  The frame was 100% Calvin.  I wouldn't have even considered it without him, but the gunmetal/industrial look to it just seemed to fit perfectly.

It took a bit longer than normal to get done.  I guess after they stretched the fabric, the mat was uneven around the border and they wanted to reorder the mat to make it look better, so I was absolutely fine with the wait.  I have done the same exact thing when I was framing.  When you know how long someone takes on an item, you want to make sure they'll be proud to place it on their wall with your own work.

I hope you like it... actually I don't care, well, maybe I do a little.  This will be my first project on this blog from start to finish.  How exciting.

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