Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little Snap Dragon: First Post

It's a new year and I have a new start.  This is Little Snap Dragon by Kustom Krafts.  There appear to be a few ways to get this chart.  You can just get the chart or you can get the whole kit, I bought the whole kit many years ago.

I'm considering this a "small" project.  It's mostly empty space, so there's not a whole lot of stitches, but it is a rather large piece on the included 14ct. Aida, it's 13" x 18-3/4" (33 x 47.5cm).  If the kit hadn't come with the fabric I probably would have stitched it on 18 or 16 ct.

I started working on this because my eyes were upset with me stitching black on black.  Also, I found a pretty big mistake in Magical Arrival that will require me to pull out some stitches, so that bummed me big time.

I think this is actually the first project I'm working on by Kustom Krafts, but I love this little guy.  I've done two colors since I started working on him Friday, they're kind of hard to differentiate in the small pic, but trust me, there are two colors there.  I think I'm going to do two more colors before I go back to my black on black.

Project Stats:
Pattern by: Kustom Krafts
Started Stitching: January 11, 2013
Fabric: 14ct. Khaki Aida
Floss: Kit Floss 2 over 1
Percentage: 13.44% complete
Stitches: 1,626 out of 12,098 complete

Last week I finally got the thread to complete Columbina for my Mother.  I gave it to her at Christmas anyway, but now I need to get it back to complete.  So I should be posting a finish soon on that.

I also have another start that I'll post soon, but it won't be one of my main pieces for a while.  I really do seem to have quite a few things I want to work on and the days just don't seem long enough.


  1. This will look great when finished :)

  2. I have loved this since I first saw it in a mag advert. Then I won the chart last year! I have kitted it up and it's on my list for 2013. But I really must finish something first before I start it.

    You seem to be stitching him really quickly which bodes well for a finish this year. Looking forward to following your progress.