Sunday, November 3, 2013

Firefighter Logan: Third Post - Complete

I realized as I was working on the N I didn't mention one change.  I've made all of the letters the same color.  In the sampler they are multiple colors.  To the right is the pillow for my Nephew's room.  The color's a little off, the carpet looks green... it's not, it's gray.  I was thinking of using a blue fabric, but my sister thought it would be better to just do the letters blue.  Honestly I don't know what color the letters would have been if I had used a blue fabric.

I took this when I was over at my sister's house on Halloween because I wanted to show the plaid border I've talked about.

Quite a bit of this letter is visible.

This letter gets the fire extinguisher it was designed with.
While it may be the same design I did tweak it a little bit.  In the  pattern, the yellow band and the nozzle were both unstitched.  I decided to use the same pale gray I used for the hose nozzle and I had the yellow the same gray initially, but changed it to the yellow to add more color to the letter.  Also, the original color of the fire extinguisher was orange, I have seen a few orange fire extinguishers, but the majority I've seen are red, so I changed the color.

And here it is outlined.

Finally I added a border on the bottom to match the paid of the pillows.  On the window valance there's a red bar above the paid and that's what I designed.

Now I just need to frame it, luckily there are some sales coming up at work.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Firefighter Logan
Pattern by: Firefighter's Sampler
Started Stitching: October 11, 2013
Finished Stitching: November 3, 2013
Fabric: 28ct. White Evenweave
Floss: DMC 2 over 2, or 1 over 2 Kreinick #4 Braid
Percentage: 100% complete
Stitches: 4,173 out of 4,173 complete

What shall I work on next?  I guess I'll have to figure that out.

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