Saturday, November 2, 2013

Completed Project Add: Crochet - Frias

Here's another completed project, this time a crochet.  My family's next door neighbor made lots of filet crochet and I always loved it.  She even had a pattern to make names into doilies and has made them for everyone in our family.

Here's the pattern I found, our neighbor's pattern was much more ornate.  I made this for a previous manager of mine.  She got married so I made her a crocheted doily with her married name.

It is supposed to be a rectangle, but it was my first attempt, so I was pleased that it somewhat resembles a rectangle.

Project Stats:
Project: Frias Name
Pattern: Filet Family Name
Pattern by: Leisure Arts
Started Crocheting: 2009
Finished Crocheting: January 25, 2009
Yarn: Size 10 Crochet thread

It's a short post, but an on time post!  Since I stayed up past midnight, and it is technically Saturday I decided to post my completed project since I've been slacking pretty badly recently.  I think I'm going to fall asleep now.

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