Thursday, October 2, 2014

Faces of Faery 88: Third Post

Look at me go!  I'm trying to be a better blogger.  Or at least write a few more posts than I have so far this year.

So I went onto the greens on the dragon, and her eyes.  Oh, I also stitched the white, which is kind of hard to see.  I decided to take a picture after I doubled the number of colors I had stitched, so here's 20 colors completed:

Then I finished up all the green, and did a random pink when I found I was missing two greens:

I just realized that I took this picture after I had doubled my color count again, now I've stitched 40 colors, and those 30 colors I stitched were only about 4% of the overall design.

I'm going back to fleshy colors, and maybe finishing the colors in her lips, at least until I get tired of fleshy colors and go to purples and blues in the dragon.  The greens are really the only confetti heavy section of the piece, there are a few more spots here and there, but it should be smooth sailing from here.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Faces of Faery 88
Original Artist: Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Pattern by: Heaven and Earth Designs
Started Stitching: October 4, 2013
Fabric: 28ct. White Evenweave
Floss: DMC 1 over 1
Percentage: 70.60% complete
Colors Stitched: 40 of 89 complete
Stitches: 21,744 out of 30,800 complete


  1. Looks amazing. Have this one in stash so enjoying seeing how it comes together.

  2. See is looking really great! I love the greens in the dragon :)