Monday, May 23, 2016

Needle Felting: Hedgehog - Completed

Well, I decided to start a new type of craft on Saturday.  Needle felting.  I'd seen these kits at work for a while and thought they'd be fun.  But Saturday I was working in the sewing department and lamented over the fact that I didn't have a pin cushion.  Okay, lamented is a bit over-dramatic.  There was a hedgehog pin cushion, it was cute... but this guy is cuter.

So I decided to make him and use him as a pin cushion.  I had never needle felted before, so I had no idea how this would turn out.  But as a novice needle felter be prepared to stab yourself.  Alot.  Blood may be drawn.  I stab pieces of fabric practically everyday, so this was normal, just less organized.

I believe the kit said it should take 4-6 hours.  I started it at work during my 15 minute break, then worked on it during lunch, then continued on during my second 15 minute break.  The instructions were pretty good and by the time I got home I had a decent egg shaped body.

Next some brown and a few legs, there are two on the other side, I promise.  The legs were kind of a pain, but after doing some research after finishing this I think I found a better way.

Some ears and a nose.  Again, the ears were a pain, but more research always helps.

Below I turned off the OTT light since the color was way too bright in the pictures.  So below is closer to the correct coloring in two different angles.
The eyes and lines on its back are six stranded floss.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Hedgehog Needle Felting Character
Pattern by: Dimensions
Started Stitching: May 21, 2016
Finished Stitching: May 21, 2016
Wool: Kit Wool
Thread: Kit Thread
Percentage: 100% complete

I think he turned out really well.  So, of course, I want to do more.  I bought two books for more information and have done image searches on google.  It's amazing what some people can do with needle felting.  I bought another kit from work that's a bunny.  This was not what was next on my list, I really should get back to my list.