Thursday, May 19, 2016

Seashell Treasures: First Post - Completed

I finished this faster than I originally thought.  I just kept pushing myself telling myself if I just get it done I won't have to do it anymore.  Yeah, that's a stupid statement but it got me through it.

I made this for my mother for her birthday... in January, oops.  I actually had everything except the back-stitching done before her birthday.  So it has taken four months to do the back stitching, which I did almost all of it Tuesday.

I started this originally to have it completed as a Christmas present, but work was too busy, I just didn't have enough hours in the day to complete everything I wanted to do.

Anyway, my parents' master bathroom is shell themed, not beach themed.  When I saw this pattern in the store it seemed perfect.

Interesting side note:  I seem to make quite a few things for my parents' bathrooms.  For those confused I made Anthera and Colombina for a bathroom too, even though they currently are not in the intended bathroom.

Wow, I'm chatty today... moving on:  Here I have a couple of colors, mostly neutrals.

Then I got tired of neutrals and did the pinks.

And everything else (except back-stitching):

And finally the back-stitching that I was procrastinating on.
I altered the back stitching on the starfish.  It was supposed to have three stranded back-stitching on it, that just seemed too busy and bulky.  I already liked the starfish without all the white back-stitching, so I figured taking it down to one strand might not be a bad idea.  Actually... I guess they're called sea stars now according to my 5-year-old nephew... That's not happening, they'll more than likely always be star fish to me.

Funny thing is another blog I follow, Cross Stitch Angel, also stitched this.  She finished this early last month.  She decided to completely omit the back-stitching on the starfish.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Seashell Treasures
Pattern by: Dimensions
Started Stitching: December 10, 2015
Finished Stitching: May 19, 2016
Fabric: 18ct. Ivory Aida
Floss: Kit Floss various over 1
Percentage: 100% complete
Stitches: 5,826 out of 5,826 complete

I know what my list says I'm supposed to work on next, I'm not sure if I'll actually do what I've planned or make a slight deviation.


  1. It loos wonderful =) I like the design, but it does look like a big bunch of backstitching!