Sunday, August 28, 2016

Compass Rose Dragon: Fourth Post - Framed

So this will be a little bit longer than a single picture with a framed piece.  As most of you know, I worked in framing and many people I framed for don't know about a simple option, so I'm going to show you really quickly.

Most people know when you frame and mat items there's a white 45° bevel on the edge of the mats.  But what most people don't know, is you can make it so the white doesn't show, it's called a reverse bevel.

On this piece I wanted a reverse bevel on my mats, however, the chop shop didn't cut them correctly so I have the two different options to show side by side:
Regular Bevel
Reverse Bevel
I thought the white from the bevel was too bright with this piece, I thought it looked much better without it.  Especially since the mat colors are so dark.  You can't even tell the middle mat is green on the first picture, or, at least, I can't.

And finally it's all put together with the frame:

And that's it from me this post.  I have actually been working on stuff, I just haven't gotten far enough to actually post anything on them.


  1. So now I know why your framing always looks so perfect! This is definitely better with the reverse bevel. He's so cute! :)