Saturday, August 20, 2016

Seashell Treasures: Second Post - Framed

I framed my mother's seashells at the same time as Kellan's name.  So I have that one to share with you today.

This really isn't that great of a picture.

The top mat is kind of an off white shiny looking mat.  The next one is a dark burgundy, and the bottom is a lightish pink, probably the one closest to its true color.

I decided to take a picture of where it's hanging.
The top mat looks closer to color in this picture.  But I just figured the mahogany frame would make more sense in context.


  1. Beautiful! The frame is very pretty and matches the design really well =)

  2. Great frame job. That looks fantastic on the wall and I love the decorative wreath above it too.
    xo Alicia

    1. I forgot to mention the wreath, my sister and I, well, mostly my sister, made that probably 20 years ago.