Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Darth Vader Cookies: First Post

I did a bad thing.  I was playing around online, linking to other people's blogs from other people's blogs who are all stitchers, and I found this pattern and fell in love with how cute it was.  And, best of all, it was free!  I wish the author could make some money off of it, but I know there's copyright laws and fun stuff like that, I'm just glad it was shared.  I downloaded it immediately and I knew I had to have all the parts somewhere at my place.  I was bound and determined to find them and get down to work.

I searched through my fabric cache and, while I was initially looking for a 16 or 32 count fabric, I, instead, found a 28 count, which I have absolutely no idea what it was purchased for.  Once I had that along with my favorite color, black, I got to work.

This is what I finished last night:

I've done just over 21% and I haven't even gotten to the cute part.  Just you wait.  Or don't wait and click on the "Pattern" link in my "Project Stats".  Since this is a quick and easy chart I'm going to finish it off, it really shouldn't take me longer than a week unless something comes up, especially with Memorial Day this weekend here in the States.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Darth Vader Cookies
Pattern by: Dork Stitch
Started Stitching: May 21, 2012
Fabric: 28ct. White Cashel Linen
Floss: DMC 3 over 2
Percentage: 21.03% complete
Colors: 0 of 14 complete
Stitches:  678 out of 3,224 complete

Update:  The pattern is not free anymore, Dorkstitch does sell it on an etsy site.

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