Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dolphin Trio: First Post

I've gotten quite a bit done on Dolphin Trio.  I expected that, it's an easy chart.  I did have a little bit of a break.  My sister was sick so I went to help her take care of my nephew.  For some reason 2-year-olds seem to think they deserve more time from me than my cross stitches.  He's adorable so I can't resist him.

Moving on... Here's the first picture I took, I think this was yesterday afternoon:

This is where it is right now:

There were quite a few half cross stitches as well and backwards half stitches as well.  All of the colors in the dolphins are complete, all I have left is the background.  It's kind of lacking in color, so I can't wait to get those stitches in.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Dolphin Trio
Pattern by: Dimensions
Started Stitching: January 24, 2013
Fabric: 14ct. Blue Aida
Floss: Kit Floss; various over 1
Percentage: 61.13% complete
Stitches: 3141 out of 5,138 complete

I think I'll have this done by tomorrow.  But part of my day will be filled watching the Super Bowl.  American Football for anyone who isn't familiar.  My team is in the Super Bowl for the first time since 1994!

Expect to hear from me again soon.


  1. Great progress and so quick too!

  2. How wonderful =) You did amazing progress =)