Sunday, October 20, 2013

Beaded Chip 'n Dale: Third Post - Complete

I'm happy to say that I've completed Chip 'n Dale!  I took some time off after my last round of working on them, but picked it up two days ago.

I actually only did two rows the day after my last post on them, which looked like this:
As of August 21, 2013, 102 Rows
 When I worked on it yesterday I did 21 rows to bring it to this:
As of October 19, 2013, 123 Rows
 And today, I did the final 21 rows:
As of October 20, 2013, 144 Rows - Completed
I think they look cute.  I'm quite happy with the way they turned out.  Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to display these guys, I have absolutely no idea.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Chip 'n Dale
Original Artist: Disney
Pattern by: Me
Started Beading: March 31, 2013
Finished Beading: October 20, 2013
Beads: 11/0 Miyuki Delicas
Thread: Silamide
Percentage: 100% complete
Rows: 144 of 144 complete
Beads: 9,504 of 9,504 complete

I think the next one of these I'll work on will be Pluto.  He's my next favorite of these that I've designed.

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