Monday, November 26, 2012

Completed Project Add: Cross Stitch - Pink and Purple Flowers

Okay, so last year my parents moved nearby and as they go through boxes they keep giving me back the stuff I had left at their house when I left home for college and never returned.  Much of it I'm throwing away, but I found this little gem:

Can you believe this?  1990!  I actually remember making this piece.  I already knew how to cross stitch by this time, but a friend was over, she saw my mother working on a larger cross stitch piece and she wanted to learn.  So my mother had tons of books with these little patterns to stitch, lots of Aida floating around and cases and cases of DMC thread.  We each picked a pattern and some thread.  She learned to stitch as I happily stitched away on my own.  This was definitely during my "purple" phase.

Hope you enjoyed going way back in time with me on this one.  Sometimes it's fun to take a look back.

I have a Dimensions project that I'm working on that I've added to the stuff I want to complete before our next framing run.  That might be my next post.

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