Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Colombina: Fifth Post - Framed

And now for Colombina:

It's harder to see on this mat, but it's the same as Anthera's, just silver.  These swirls are actually easier to see in real life than Anthera's.  It's odd how the pictures display the opposite of real life.  This one was my favorite of the two from the beginning. And I think I like the framing job better as well.  I really wish I could have used a matching black frame on Anthera, but it just didn't exist.

As I mentioned before these were Christmas/Birthday gifts for my mother to put in her "mask" bathroom.  However she decided she didn't want them in that room.  She decided she wanted to put them in her "gray" bathroom downstairs.  In a way this is nice, more people will be able to see them in this bathroom since it's downstairs.

Well, this is it for me today.  I'm hanging out at my parents' house and since I finished Lambent I have nothing to work on.  I'll find something to occupy my time.

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  1. Wow, these are both so beautiful. Wonderfully stitched and framed.