Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mini Tulips: Second Post - Complete

Well I succeeded in finishing my sister's birthday present, yay!

I was a little worried last night.  When I got home I didn't know where I'd put the basket.  After a short panic I found it.  This morning I filled it with some floral foam and covered it with mossy... stuff.

After that I added two leaves to each flower, the leaves I had left over I combined into groups of two, all the stems were then wrapped in green floral tape.

Then I arranged them into the basket.
I decided to separate the different colored tulips, putting the white ones in the middle, surrounding them with the light blue, then putting the dark blue around the edge.

However, it didn't look full enough, so I made 10 more sets of leaves and added those in:

So I promised a picture to show size and it took me a while to figure out what to use, I was going to use my iPhone until I realized I needed it to take the picture.  Then I realized this is a blog, most people should have an idea of how large a standard size mouse is.  So below is that photo and two other angles.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Mini Tulips
Flower Design: Dalene Kelly
Arrangement Design: Me
Started: April 24, 2013
Finished: April 26, 2013
Beads: 11/0 Czech Seed Beads
Wire: 26 ga. floral wire and Artistic Wire

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  1. This looks fantastic, very effective. I hope your sister likes it too.