Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Giveaway... of sorts

Hey all!  I have a kind of giveaway, but unfortunately it is only for the Americans and Canadians out there... Sorry!

As many of you read I lost my job late last year.  Well, I returned to working at Michaels to pay my bills in the meantime.  How is this relevant you ask... well, I'm glad you did.

About once a year Michaels has what they call a "Friends and Family" event.  This allows us to give this wonderful flyer of coupons to whoever we deem as "friends" and whoever we're stuck with for "family".
If you can't tell by the picture, the two orange coupons on the left are for Michaels, and the two green on the right are for Aaron Brothers.  These coupons are only valid May 16th - 18th.  There's a 25% off of your entire order including sale items and a 55% + 15% off of custom framing orders (this comes to 61.75% off). One of each type of coupon for each store.  Plus a 40% off of your MiDesign purchase.  (This is custom flyer /  invitation type of place.  Just go to the link for information.)

Update: I just noticed that the dates for Canada are different than the US.  The Canadian dates are May 14th - 16th.  I have no idea why they're different, seems a bit odd to me, but I just go with the flow.

I grabbed 10 of these from my manager today and he told me I could have as many as I wanted.  So... are any of you in need of building up your DMC stash?  Are you thinking of starting to crochet, knit, or any other crafty type stuff?  If you'd like one of these little pretties click my form link:
Form for Coupon
Unfortunately these must be snail mailed. :(  I am mailing these from Southern California, USA, and I will probably get it out to the mail/post the day after I get the request, so please make sure you ask early enough for it to arrive in time.  I will be folding this up so it will fit in a standard envelope

I am sorry for my first, and maybe only, giveaway I am unable to include everyone.  I can tell from blogs quite a few of you are in the UK, but if you have any friends in the States or Canada you'd like me to send one to I'll be more than happy to send it their way.  Or if you happen to be visiting our continent during this time I'll be happy to mail one to you.

While my manager said I can have as many as I want I probably will cut off around 25ish, depending on my mood and postage cost.  I only have 19 followers so this shouldn't be a huge issue.  Also, this will be a first come first served situation especially if the store runs out of flyers.  I will disable the link when I've reached my limit, or there are no more left at the store, whichever comes first.  But there are definitely 10 up for grabs, I have those in my hands right now.  Okay, they're in a bag next to my stove, but you get my meaning.

Now I just need to find some stamps... I haven't mailed anything in forever.

I got all my recently framed pieces back so I'll be posting those throughout the next week or so, and I was a very bad girl and made a new start, and it's not Nocturne.  I'll be buying what I need for that with my own friends and family coupon.

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  1. I'd like to nominate my friend Kathy, she is in Canada right now. If you email me I'll send you her email so you can chat about it together, what a nice thing to do, I'm in the UK so thought I'd choose a friend instead.