Friday, May 24, 2013

Nephew 2's Blanket: Second Post

I got through another skein.  This is really coming along quickly.  It took me much longer to make the last blanket.

I laid it on top of the other blanket and it is looking a little less than 50%, if you include the edging.  We'll see if I can keep up this pace or if I need to change to something else.  Her Special Place is staring at me, almost begging me to finish up the current color, then she might be put away for a little bit.  I'd like to knock off a few of the small items on my WIP, that page is really starting to get out of control! :)

Project Stats:
Project: Nephew 2's Blanket
Pattern: Pink & Blue for Baby
Pattern by: Teresa Smith
Started Crocheting: May 19, 2013
Yarn: Red Heart Baby-Econo Swim
Percentage: 45% complete (approx.)

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