Friday, September 13, 2013

12 Draognlets of Christmas: Eleventh Post

This is going to be my last post today.  My elbow is hurting me due to a case of tennis elbow that I've been ignoring.  Not my smartest move.

Anyway, here's the second to last dragon, #11 Dragons Piping.

As per usual, the greens of the dragon are first.

Followed by everything else:

Tons and tons of backstitching.  Lots of colors, but it looks really nice completed.

He looks good, don't you think?  I think he's my third favorite.

Project Stats:
Pattern: 12 Dragonlets of 2012
Pattern by: Dragon Dreams Facebook Page
Started Stitching: September 6, 2013
Fabric: 28ct. Legacy Cashel Linen
Floss: DMC 2 over 2, or 1 over 2 Kreinick #4 Braid
Percentage: 66.27% complete
Stitches: 2,767 out of 4,175 complete

I've saved the easiest for last, as least in my opinion #10 is the easiest.  I believe I'll have him finished either Saturday or Sunday, depending on how long the American Football game I'm going to tomorrow lasts.

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